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Well100 believes the average health span can reach 100 years.

Well100 content includes; wellness lifestyle, health stories, recipes, nutritional products, and travel destinations that will enhance your body and soul.

Well100 focused on healthy lifestyles, diets, nutrition, and longer healthspan research. 

All leading to a higher percentage of healthier, happier, longer-lived individuals.

To have the goal of a healthy life span is to respect the gift of life.

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Well100 will showcase your wellness recipes, also we are creating an area highlighting recipes from Nicoya Diet, Ogimi Diet, and the Loma Linda Diet regions.

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In the village of Ogimi, located north of Okinawa’s main island, there’s a small stone marker reading

“80 you are merely a youth . . . 

90 your ancestors invite you to heaven, you say wait until you are . . . 

100 . . . then, you might consider it.”

Life is Not a Problem to be Solved, But a Reality to be Experienced...and Enjoyed 


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